• Andra


    A human, dressed in rough garb but bearing a wand of power, he looks at you suspiciously and then returns to his book of spells.
  • Nicholas van Rijn

    Nicholas van Rijn

    This hefty, foppish human curls his impeccably waxed van Dyke beard and lifts a glass of wine to your health... and his profit.
  • Wendeam


    A tough vaati spear master, trapped inside the gates for a hundred millenia.
  • Ariel


    A dark-skinned, silver-haired, violet eyed elf-woman. She is dressed in a color-shifting cloak.
  • Ecin Dek Oms

    Ecin Dek Oms

    Senior Captain of the Captains' Mast of Sesh
  • Orixia


    Dark-skinned, silver-haired, green eyed, this elf mercenary fingers the hilt of an adamantine blade and cooly looks you up and down and assesses your skills.
  • Razalflow


    Wolf-headed arcanaloth, he stares at you and snarls "Let us do business like civilized beings."
  • Styg


    This ancient lizardman looks at you out of one eye and then the other. He has wisps of beard under his chin and an intelligent, curious look in his eye. You notice that he has a wand and pouch of alchemical goods at his belt.
  • The Giff

    The Giff

    bizarre hippopotami mercenaries of the Astral
  • The God-Machine of Hest

    The God-Machine of Hest

    This gigantic clockwork regulated Hest for milennia until it was broken by Trobriand. Now that his creations, the silversann, have integrated themselves into it, who can say what it will become?
  • Zell


    Githzerai scout from another time