The Astral Gale

A Fight with Corrupted Followers of Zerthimon

Ariel miniaturized the incapacitated Andra and put him in her pocket. When the Rod of Law approached the githzerai wizard, he disintegrated, seemingly undone by the Disjunction he had been casting.

Not knowing what to do, Zell proceeded back through the doors, hoping to scout out the passage out and wondering what had happened. Unfortunately she was attacked by her former compatriots. The ee’ar captain, an elf lightly armored but well-muscled to support her wings, had a mad look in her eye and turned on Zell, joined by the two githzerai warriors, who appeared to be even worse, possibly drained of life by whatever had held them in stasis for so long. Meanwhile, van Rijn began skirmishing with the two elven warriors, who also betrayed signs of madness. They shot at him with arrows through the bars.

Zell was distraught and attempted to reason with them. The four warriors, two githzerai and two elves, proved to have become some sort of wraith but the captain managed to maintain a tenuous hold on sanity. However, the warriors were more than challenge enough, managing to knock Zell out of the fight. When that happened the ee’ar captain, who had been quelled and only parrying, turned on her former soldiers, who were tough opponents whose attacks drained strength.

Ariel’s fractal blades, however, proved to be their undoing, along with Wendeam’s dancing spear and summoned Dust Devil and van Rijn’s use of everybody’s favorite Magic Missile.



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