This neutrally flavored paste is produced by Hest. All inhabitants of the city can partake.


Pablum is a largely flavorless, but highly nutritious paste that is produced by dispensers in Hest. It is usually cooked into flatbread, and to this end there are heated stones near each pablum dispenser. Anyone inside the boundaries of Hest can consume up to five doses of it per day. To obtain it, the person who will consume it needs to go to one of the many dispensers and extract it, using a dipper that is attached. 

In addition to providing a perfectly balanced diet, as long as the consumer has 1 or more hit points, each dose heals D6 hit points, up to a maximum of 5/day. It takes a full round to consume a dose. It is impossible to consume more than five servings of pablum per day. Any more and the eater becomes strongly nauseous. Consuming an additional dose results in incapacitation. 

Pablum has no additional effects outside of Hest beyond its nutritive value as bread. 



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