This ancient lizardman looks at you out of one eye and then the other. He has wisps of beard under his chin and an intelligent, curious look in his eye. You notice that he has a wand and pouch of alchemical goods at his belt.


Styg’s exposure to magic came when he was a mercenary during the Robrenni Civil War. He had left the swamps, knowing that he was never going to survive, not being strong enough. He was always clever, though, and recognized the power that outsiders who came to visit the lands of the lizardfolk, always dangerous but sometimes incredibly profitable as the lizardfolk had herbs and alchemical substances found nowhere else. He knew he wanted more of it but that only the legendary Sakatha had it… had magic.

So Styg and his friend Korbac, a fighter of reknown who desired the secrets of metal that the humans had, left and made their way way to Robrenn, where they were recruited by Orixia into her band of mercenaries serving the Archdruid, and she taught him magic. After the war, he and Korbac returned to the swamp and founded a settlement in the swamp, where Styg made use of alchemical treatments on lizardfolk eggs to make the hatching of civilized lizardfolk more common.

Later on, the renegade Kerkiran Andra came into the swamp. Andra was smart and ambitious and knew bits and pieces of magic. Styg taught him as an apprentice. Unfortunately the lizardfolk fell to warring after being attacked by sahuagin. The traditionalists bred a lizard king to overthrow Korbac and Styg, and return to the old ways. Most of the civilized lizardmen were slain, but a few survived.

Andra disappeared and so Styg and his youngest progeny, Voy, made their way to Orixia. Surprisingly, Andra reappeared, along with the Freiport freebooter van Rijn, and Ariel, who had been in the same mercenary band led by Orixia all those years ago. 

He is very wise and wishes the best for his folk, so that they can advance from swamp-dwelling barbarians to become civilized. Only a few of those he nurtured are left and much of his hope lies in Voy. He knows that he must pass his superior alchemical knowledge down to others in the years he has left. 



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