Dark-skinned, silver-haired, green eyed, this elf mercenary fingers the hilt of an adamantine blade and cooly looks you up and down and assesses your skills.


Orixia was a famous mercenary captain in Shadowhome and Robrenn for several decades. During the Robrenni Civil War, she lead a band of irregular troops who fought for the Archdruid, including the Lizardman prodigy Styg, to whom she taught the use of magic, as well as her cousin Ariel, another Shadowhome elf, with substantial planar awareness and no liking for the ruling clique in Shadowhome. 

Some time after the Archdruid began summoning extraplanars and was driven mad, she and her band switched sides to the King’s Men. Many of her band died in the final battle that drove the Archdruid from the field. However, she and the surviving members of her band were not welcome in the new Robrenn afterwards, so they went their separate ways. She traveled in the Kerkiran lands for a while, but found that the Kerkirans were even less welcoming than the Robrenni Kingsmen. Eventually she returned to Shadowhome. She fought Setites and other intruders on the border for a while but soon ran afoul of the ruling clique in Shadowhome and was sent to internal exile in the mountains. 

Orixia is very pragmatic and not given to excessive displays. She mixes swordplay and spellcraft in a highly effective manner. She is a skilled diplomat as well. Quite unlike many of the elves of Shadowhome, she seems uninterested in politics, which may explain her exile. 

She doesn’t know what to make of this new world, but feels that the elder races need a representative before the Council of Vaati and realizes that she is the most capable of surviving the journey. She also wishes to see Styg’s civilized lizardfolk thrive, but knows that there is no place for them in a land where Setites lurk. 

Orixia now bears Banefinder, recovered by Ariel, van Rijn, and Andra from another world. It is an ancient elven artifact weapon, forged of adamantine, that penetrates all defenses when weilded by one of the blood. 


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