Merchants of Hest


Tib/Bit: Dual being that sells herbs and clockwork, depending on which part you talk to. 

Haille: Tiefling alchemist merchant and possible new mayor of Hest. Haille has a winsome, delicately-fanged smile and a mind like steel. She also seems to desire the company of Andra, despite his sourness. Perhaps she likes a challenge? 

Modron: Last survivor of a lost society of lawful beings. Modron sells maps, books, scrolls, and other printed things. It makes them to order. 

Munacra: A female djinn—-is this what the Vaati have fallen to, to serve Chaos, wonders Wendeam?—-who sells magic items.

Xetlu: A tiefling butcher, who has a precocious daughter.  

There are many other merchants in Hest as well. 


Merchants of Hest

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