A human, dressed in rough garb but bearing a wand of power, he looks at you suspiciously and then returns to his book of spells.


Andra was born in a Kerkiran polis. However, he never fit in the tightly-knit society of the polis. He was apprenticed to an herbalist but left when he was a teenager, making his way to the swamps. On the eldges of them there were some fisherfolk and he and the herbalist would collect herbs for the year. 


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After getting lost on a boat in the swamp, Andra soon found himself surrounded by several of the dreaded lizardfolk emerging from the water. He was trapped and prepared himself for strugglle and death. But soon the elder among them, who looked amused and had an intelligent gleam in his eye, spoke. “I am Styg. I can see that you have the talent for magic. I can train you and you can help us.” Andra thought about it for a while and realized that Styg’s offer was a good one, and that staying in the fishing village would doom him to no future. He decided to take the chance, to be the human who helped the lizardfolk. 

He stayed with the lizardfolk for several years, learning magic and alchemy from Styg, who’s knowledge of the latter is still unsurpassed. 






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