The Astral Gale

The Rod of Law

The hidden vault of the vaati was opened.

Wendeam and Zell scouted ahead, revealing a fork in the road. van Rijn and Andra checked the door behind but realized the door was not openable… ominous. Each way revealed a substantial room with figures in it that appeared to be… frozen in time? It was hard to say. The northerly route had two githzerai and an ee’ar. The southerly route had two elves. Zell recognized all of the figures as having been on her expedition.

Each ended in a portcullis blocking the way forward. The northerly route also proved to have an open door that led to some constructs that Wendeam identified as being of the bledrudeam caste, the abjurers. However, what they did was unknown.

After much deliberation and careful exploration, Wendeam summoned the dust devil, which scouted past the portcullises, though it lacked the intelligence to provide much information. It did identify a large room further in. It failed to identify any mechanism to open the portcullises, though.

Zell decided, perhaps impulsively, to teleport through the grating and Wendeam used his tracking power to follow her. Ariel decided to do so as well. Andra and van Rijn readied to Dimension Door if things got hot, though they didn’t.

Zell searched for a mechanism but didn’t find one. Wendeam called her over to the remaining room, which contained yet another figure, frozen in time, this time a githzerai casting a spell. Zell knew him as well. He was an archmage and one of the leaders of Zerthimon expedition. Ariel, however, did find a mechanism and the portcullis was opened.

van Rijn noticed that the spell the gilhzerai was casting was the mighty Disjunction… however, he appeared to be caught in the ultimate moment of the spell. In the same room as the githzerai wizard was another bledrudeam construct, clearly very powerful. It appeared to be a vault.

Once again, after some deliberation Wendeam decided to enter the vault. He went in disappeared, being trapped in a bizarre maze he needed to find his way through.

Outside, however, two bizarre entities emerged, hostile to those in the room, perhaps explaining why the githzerai was casting a potent spell.

The entities seemed to be strange distortions in space.

The fight was dire without Wendeam. Everyone but Zell was surprised. She interposed herself to protect Ariel. The other entity attacked Andra, damaging him. The entities proved to be extremely damaging and difficult to attack, given that they were only in the sync of time part of the time. Coordination was clearly needed. It turned out the entities were also able to resist Ariel’s non-magical attacks. However, they did take damage from mundane weapons and were slowly whittled down. However, at some point when they appeared to be nearer to dissipation, there was a… gap in reality and both Zell and Andra ended up sorely wounded. Once again Andra was knocked down by damage. However, when van Rijn killed one, his time appeared to be shifted into a higher speed. This helped him, and he whittled the other down, though Zell killed it and was similarly affected.

Once Wendeam found his way to the center of the maze he saw an artifact covered with runes of law. He took hold of it and was deposited outside the vault, holding a fragment of the Rod of Law.

With deep certainty, Wendeam felt that he’d done the right thing… and yet Lord Steiner was pleased with the outcome.



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