The Astral Gale

The Captains' Mast

After a long journey, which involved astrally drained pirates (a disturbing reminder of the effect of being shipwrecked in the the Astral), an expedition to find the Icon of Ordered Chaos (ominously consumed by Ariel, who seems… different), a stopover in the settlement of Blor (ruled by the Masked Oligarchy, where everyone wears masks for their assigned social roles, even the prostitutes, much to van Rijn’s chagrin), and a vicious fight with a pack of demons, Owt Roval’s ship arrived at Sesh, with van Rijn, Andra, Wendeam, Ariel, and Orixia in tow.

Sesh is built from the lashed-together hulls of many ships. Busy docs protrude in all angles. van Rijn felt at home, and a little jealous and wondered at the possibilities of living in such a place, boiled of all impurities and reduced simply to commerce.

van Rijn saw a huge vessel, twice the size of an ordinary one, crewed by long bearded giants.

Owt Roval led to the meeting house of the Captains’ Mast. He seemed somewhat nervous, and revealed that he was not a captain, simply a Master.

Captains were voting members, of which there are three Junior Captains and a Senior Captain.

Ecin Dek Oms, the star giant Senior Captain of the Captains’ Mast met them. He was ancient, gray skinned, with a long beard and eyes like the Astral. None of the Junior Captains—-the brash young aasimar Yna Emit and rival of Owt Roval, the dwarf trader On Gnikap, and human Xidreppo Stcaf—-were present. van Rijn presented his case for attacking the Gith Pirate base to Ecin Dek Oms, who considered it carefully. He noted that he would need to confer with the Junior Captains, who voted first, with the Senior Captain having two votes.

A ship-house was provided.



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