The Astral Gale

Meeting the Hawk Lord, Retaking the Tower (Part 1)

After freeing the aaracokcra, the giant hawk that Wendeam saw high in the sky arrived in the elven village. She flew down and transformed into an elegant human woman named Fileet, Lady of Birds. She thanked the party for freeing the aaracokcra and provided a great deal of information as well as a feather. This seemed to provoke a bit of a theological problem for Thanu, the Shaman of the Aaracokcra, who was a devotee of Law, given that the Beast Lords seemed to be avowedly neutral.

The party stayed in the elven village for the evening to rest and recuperate. Attius, Ariel, and van Rijn enjoyed themselves with the elves. Andra studied spells and Wendeam trained. Andra woke up early and had just finished preparing his spells when he was alerted by a Sending from Deven that she and Styg were trapped in the Tower in Hest by invaders. Andra alerted everyone to this fact and the group got ready to go take the tower back.

Ariel used Plane Shift to return to the Hest gates. This was Attius’ first time in the Astral, which was a mind-expanding and possibly dangerous to the mind experience. Upon arrival there appeared to be no sign of problems. The giff were being drilled and paraded for three cat-men by Phantine. Commerce was ongoing. Ariel’s Portal was used to get everyone to the tower as fast as possible. Right then it opened and a tarry demodand stepped out, foolishly getting blasted into oblivion by the God Machine.

A battle ensued while the dry voice of a demodand on the second floor of the tower—-the laboratory and library—-continued to drone on. Ariel’s Wand of Transposition was used to good effect to enable the God Machine to blast more demodands but eventually the fight went inside. Some of the bizarre creatures with the demodands were mutated elephantmen and a mutated hellboar, both of whom proved to be ferocious fighters, though they were slain nonetheless. Unlike most extraplanars they did not seem to return to the Lower Planes when slain inside the tower, which was surprising.

To be continued….



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