The Astral Gale

Freeing the Aaracokcra and the Giant Ape, Bug Men and an Old Friend From the Past

Short summary:

  • The hidden complex inside the Tower of Ionah was flooded to prevent interlopers from the Underdark.
  • The remaining aaracokra were brought to the elven village in Ambartzumian. However, the scouts appeared to be missing and Mhyrryn was also not present. Andra found them using the crystal ball. They appeared to be prisoners of the su monsters.
  • One of the elves in the village, Quenella, spoke with van Rijn, Ariel, Zell, and Wendeam. Andra was busy. She said that she’d received a messenger bird from Vidania about some missing scouts in a valley to the south. Phantom Steeds were employed; Andra cast them but stayed behind in the village. On the road, Vidania met Attius, an elven archer from the same world as van Rijn, Ariel, and Andra. Ariel and Attius had fought together in Robrenn to free it from the reign of the Archdruid Ederyn. After a tense moment, Attius joined the group. He seemed somewhat more worn than last time Ariel had seen him and indicated he was searching for Sithney, the daughter of the now-deceased Queen of Robrenn, Orlaith, who had been kidnapped by snakemen. The Mercane had hired him and indicated that coming to this world would help him find her. While they had skirmished with ant men, it turned out that the Mercane alchemy colony was wiped out by a surprise attack of snake men!
  • The scouts were trapped in a valley that had been taken over by a hive of aspis, strange alchemically-skilled ant men with a massive plant they were using as an alchemical factory. This was in the valley the elves had harvested in the past. The aspis seemed to have a hive mind of some sort but were willing to speak with Wendeam given that he is a “lawgiver”. They didn’t appear to be too bright but gave a token of passage which seemed to allow its bearer to pass in peace. van Rijn seemed very pleased by this trade arrangement but its value remains to be seen.
  • Upon return to the village, Andra proved to be absent. He left a note saying that he had received a Sending from Ape Romney, whose name proved to be Monoloog. Andra was to go alone. Andra had not yet returned from the parlay.
  • The rest of the group proceeded to the abandoned Lizard Folk village, where a sizable force of yuan ti proved to be casing about. A vicious fight ensued, with the fight-to-the death snakemen losing.



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